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YDY CG meets 3D Printing

The evolution of manufacturing from the days of antiquity to today has changed significantly. YDY is in the art business where every design is custom and unprecedented, while 3D printing offers quick, agile fabrication.


A new collaboration between YDY and Wiiboox now adds the ability to transfer highly detailed 3D digital art into real life items, achieving both model accuracy and design originality unseen in the past.  "Our first tests were absolutely ingenious", says YDY Head of 3D department Bai Tao, former Massive Black project leader. "We have never seen such accurate and detailed model before in a plastic 3D print."

  • YDY CG is a premium service provider specializing in art design and production for the global game industry.

  • Singapore HQ:

    Blk 338, Clementi Avenue 2, #14-40, Singapore,120338

  • Nanjing Studio:

    Room 402 Changjiang Trade Tower #99 Changjiang Road

  • Shanghai Office:

    Room 308 Building 10 No. 211 Xinling Road

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